L01 with built-in el-shaft system

L01 - Compact, rugged and combining multifunction control simply and safely for all types of ship.

L01 with built in el-shaft system

L01 is a multifunction lever for azimuth, thruster and propulsion controls.
It is compact, rugged and combines multifunction control simply and safely for all types of ship.

  • The lever comes with software solutions and a built in TFT LCD digital display for position of the lever and feedback information from the ship’s systems. It also includes various parameter settings: FWD or AFT, CAN, alarm, display, networks, feedback etc.
  • Available capacitive touch switches on the display for menu operations and/or for custom functionality.
  • The lever is completed with integrated el motors and in house developed electronic shaft system. Hence, big expensive external boxes are now unneccesary.
  • The lever has new cost-effective force feedback solution that does not use electric motors.
  • 4-20 mA feedback signals enable new functionalities and use of a control lever. Actual andvisual position or value of selected ship systems may be visual on the 2, 4 TFT LCD display.This eliminates need for additional indicators.
  • Small touch-free magnetic sensors instead of potentiometers reduce needfor maintenance and enabling a more compact design. Redundant output is standard
  • The electronic L01 lever will communicate either via CANopen protocol or standardanalogue signals or a combination of both.
  • The capacitive touch switches may eliminate need for separate hardware switched on or near the lever.
  • Electronic detents and brake settings
  • Complementary user- and CANopen manuals available

Mechanical Version

  • L01 is available as azimuth, thruster and propulsion control lever with laser engraved and LED illuminated scale.
  • The new mechanics require only a minimum installation depth: Azimuth 98mm. Thruster/Prolusion 71mm.
  • L01 has redundant magnetic sensors on all axes.

Specification details

Power Supply

24V DC

Power supply  

5V DC (sensors) mechanical version

Panel plate and housing

Coated aluminium


Aluminium and moulded Arnitel

Handle movement azimuth

+/- 60º and 360º

Handle movement thrust/propulsion

+/- 60ºScale: 2,4" TC LCD display (with electronics)



Standard sensor
Isolated analog output and backup output.

Magnetic 5V DC

Type approval L01


Capacitive touch switches for custom functionality and menu operationsavailable on all electronic versions.

Options with electronics:- Display graphics- Digital isolated input- Force feedback- El motor- Integrated el-shaft system- Colours, logo

Options mechanical version:- Built-in switches- Mechanical detents- Limited deflection- Customized scale- El motor- Colours, Logo

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